The focus of the G.A.S-station projects is the juxtaposition of different medial and formal approaches. Therefore, we show artistic contributions of all sorts - filmlets, installations, plastic & fine arts, performances, literature, music as well as scientific contributions, presentations, lectures or accompanying texts.

In this new exhibition project the intentation of G.A.S-station is not to present one artist with different works but an intire space concept or installation to an explicit theme. Therefore we call it 3WEEKS 4 roomprojects.

WEEKS : 4 roomprojects
Four artist for three weeks each

Johann Büsen, Helen Acosta Iglesias, Heike Nösslböck, Elisa Asenbaum

9th March until 23rd June 2012

3WEEKS 4 roomprojects Picture


Elisa Asenbaum - FREEFLY. Freiheit was heisst das?

Exhibition: June 1st until 23th 2012

FREEFLY. Freiheit was heisst das? FREEFLY. Freedom, what does that mean?, 2000-2012 continued, Mixed Media Installation (Video, Audio, photography in different formats, on Alu-Dibond and acrylic glass, text on paper; actors: Da Fons, EPS, Harald Hofer, Michael Huey, Renne Karger, Jakob Kisslinger, Karin Raitmayr, Ives Wendt; voices: Kajetan Dick, Elisa Asenbaum, videomastering: Tomax; Music: E.T. SOUND)

FREEFLY reflects the meaning of freedom and questions it's existence and it's definition in human existence. In the poetic installation FREEFLY, the desire to fly and the desire for freedom are interwoven into dreamlike pictures and sequences. The artist's starting point for this work was to put the motive ”flying in dreams” synonymously to longig for freedom. ”FREEFLY. Freedom, what does that mean?“ is a subtle consideration and reflection on the topic freedom.

3WEEKS 4 Raumprojekte Elisa Asenbaum, FREEFLY. Freiheit was heisst das? (Raumansicht)

Elisa Asenbaum, FREEFLY. Freiheit was heisst das? (exhibition view)

3WEEKS 4 Raumprojekte Elisa Asenbaum, FREEFLY 02. Freiheit was heisst das?

Elisa Asenbaum, FREEFLY. Freiheit was heisst das? 02, (detailview)


Heike Nösslböck - SENSELESS again

Exhibition: May 5th until 25th 2012

SENSELESS again, 2011-2012, mixed media Installation, (3 videos, Degas, 2 min, 4:3, SD; Ballerinas each 9 min, HD, loop; objects in different formats and materials, coated).

”SENSELESS again“ is based on the subject of repetition. Repetition in form of endless looping is often a theme in Heike Nösslböck´s work. This concept we find in the video works – digital as well as analog in her objects. The two videos “Herbst“ and ”Winter“ of the cycle “Ballerinas 2012” are projected on the side walls and the animation ”Degas“ is displayed on a monitor in the middle. The animation refers to the well-known painting of Edgar Degas "La Classe de Danse". Twelve poses of ballerinas are portrayed by the artist herself. An edition of fourteen objects completes the work.

“SENSELESS again” appears dipolar, the longing to eternity and to be caught in repetition makes the conception fascinating.

3WEEKS 4 Raumprojekte Heike Nösslböck (exhibition view), SENSELESS again

Heike Nösslböck, SENSELESS again (exhibition view)

3WEEKS 4 Raumprojekte Heike Nösslböck, SENSELESS again, Degas video

Heike Nösslböck, SENSELESS again (Detailview), 2011-2012, Degas, 2 min, 4:3, loop.


Helen Acosta Iglesias - WUNSCHFREI

Exhibition: 7th until 28th April 2012

WUNSCHFREI, 2008-2012, Mixed Media Installation,
(DER ANFANG: Video, CLAUDIA: Object, WUNSCHKIT: 500 Fallingstars wish kits).

For the exhibition project „3WEEKS“ Helen Acosta Iglesias developed an installation that ranges from the beginning, the awakening of things and life, until the end the death and expresses the human desire to disconnect from the circuit of becoming and going. This installation cycle is closed by a set for wishes. The installation WUNSCHFREI emanates an formal clarity and allows room for the emotianal content of the work.

3WEEKS 4 Raumprojekte Helen Acosta Iglesias, Roomview

Helen Acosta Iglesias, WUNSCHFREI, 2008-2012,
CLAUDIA, 2008, DER ANFANG, 2008, video 17 sec. loop, WUNSCHKIT, 2012, 500 pcs. coated tin cans with glass lid, Sueviten, rock gold.

3WEEKS 4 Raumprojekte Helen Acosta Iglesias, Claudia Bild

Helen Acosta Iglesias, WUNSCHFREI, CLAUDIA (detail view), 2008
plaster, hemp, glass, rosemary, 35 x 95 x 50 cm


Johann Büsen - EXCURSION

Exhibition: 9th until 30th March 2012

Johann Büsen develops his drawn room installations on the computer, which he prints out on long paper rolls. He assembles around the walls the b/w paper rolls and accent it pictorially with strong acrylic colours.

An animated video enhaced the installation.

3WEEKS 4 Raumprojekte Johann Büsen Bild

Johann Büsen, EXCURSION exhibition view, ap. 2180 x 270 cm

3WEEKS 4 Raumprojekte Johann Büsen picture

Johann Büsen, EXCURSION (Detail) 2011-2012, digitalprint, acrylic on paper, ap. 220 x 270 cm

3WEEKS : 4 roomprojects - Broshure
Normprize: 8,50 Euro

Keine ZEIT/No TIME - Catalogue
Pages 100, color (ltd.e., 100 copies)
Normprize: 54,- Euro
Funding prize: on from 60 Euro

100+5 Bilder / Take Away - Broshure
Normprize: 8,50 Euro

Das DING - Catalogue
124 pages, color, hardcover, 1 brass bowl
normprize: 47 Euro
funding prize: on from 50 Euro
special edition with 5 brass bowls: + 10,-
ltd.e., 100 copies, - 2010

CHAOS - Catalogue
aviable at G.A.S-station.
pages 100, color, covert
normaprize: 55 Euro
funding prize: on from 60 Euro

eMOTION 08-09 - Catalogue
105 pages, color, hardcoover - (l.e., 100 cps.)
normprize: 40 Euro
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Portrait 09 - Broshure
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