G.A.S-station Berlin since 2008 is directed by Elisa Asenbaum and Thomas Maximilian Stuck.

The concept of G.A.S-station is a research project on the development and exploitation of artistic and scientific aspects and also a platform to develop and test new forms of art presentation, mediation and publication. The projects we initiate annually are designed on specific topics as well as cross-divisional. We're glad about the lovely interest to our projects and events and hoping to initiate with our art project intentions futher more discussions also beyond art. 2017-18 we will have our attention on the topic appearance/reflections

Topic centered exhibitiont project
Reflection and Appearance, a Relation-Position Project
(Schein und Spiegelung, ein Relationspositionsprojekt)
Positiones in art, science and literature.

Vernissage: 12th October 2018, 7 p.m.
Exhibition: 13.10.2018.-22.2.2019

With works by:
Časlav Brukner - Quantum causality. Experimental verification of an indefinite causal order, scientific article, poster object | Stephan Groß - Beats, animated video loop (music: Alfred Banze) | Dominic Gagnon - Going South/part 4: Dear haters, video installation | Veruschka Bohn - How to disappear, Performance, Photographs | Petra Lottje - The World Summit, Video | Christiane Spatt - in disguise, Photographs | Edin Bajric - Spiegel Licht, Photographs | Marion Luise Buchmann - Bewegtes Selbst, Video | David Ender - Der Spiegel, Literature | Vittorio Gallese - Visions of the Body: Embodied Simulation and Aesthetic Experience, Science | Michael H. Rohde - nietzsche haus, einstein haus, Photographs | Carlo Rovelli - Die Wirklichkeit, die nicht so ist, wie sie scheint: Eine Reise in die Welt der Quantengravitation (Reality Is Not What It Seems: The Journey to Quantum Gravity) / Relational Quantum Quantum Mechanics, Science | Julia Schewalie - nylon#acrylic mirror, Objects | Asenbaum/Stuck - Spiegel Schein, Literaturesculpture | Helga Wimmer - Vor und hinter der Zeit - Zeitbilder und Zeiträume, Installation.

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