We are happy to announce current open calls.

G.A.S-station Berlin since 2008 is directed by Elisa Asenbaum and Thomas Maximilian Stuck.

The concept of G.A.S-station is a research project on the development and exploitation of artistic and scientific aspects and also a platform to develop and test new forms of art presentation, mediation and publication. The projects we initiate annually are designed on specific topics as well as cross-divisional. We're glad about the lovely interest to our projects and events and hoping to initiate with our art project intentions futher more discussions also beyond art.

More than 350 international artist out of painting, graphics, photography, music, literature, dance, installation, video- and objectarts, design as well as scientifics and writers, lectures, readings, accompanying texts, publications have been contributed to the international and topic centered exhibition - projects like:

eMOTION (2008-2009)
CHAOS (2009-2010)
THING (2010-2011)
NO TIME. (2011-2012)
NOTHING. Nothing is more beautiful! (2012-2013)
The Perfectness and th Defect. (2013-2014)
Augustina träumt - in progressius (2014-2016)
Reflection and Appearance, a Relation-Position Project 2017-2019

Current open calls for 2019

To the upcoming 9th international, interdisciplinary and topic centered exhibition project 2019/20

11 years of arT and impulSe at G.A.S-station Berlin
+ The wall between freedom and dictatorship 2019/20
Opening 12th October 2019

Start of the open call will be in May 2019.

More Information about the project is coming soon.

We especially welcome artists, scientists and writers/literati to participate and submit their works and ideas and looking forward to hear from you.

This will be our ninth interdisciplinary project. If you're interested in the exhibition project, be it as contributing artist or in another form of cooperation, please contact us.

We're looking forward to hear from you!

the G.A.S-station-Team
Elisa Asenbaum&Thomas Maximilian Stuck

Berlin: Thomas STUCK, Fon: 0049 (0)30 25 966 036 Mov: 0160 995 78 158

Vienna: Elisa ASENBAUM, Fon: 0043 1 533 56 77

Reflection and Appearance, a Relation-Position Project 2018
Positiones in art, science and literature.

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