The G.A.S-station filling station for art and impulse, Berlin, sees itself as a living space for cross-disciplinary neighborhoods. On an ongoing basis, we gather contributors from art, science and literature in our international, cross-disciplinary exhibition projects.
The 11th international, interdisciplinary and topic centred exhibition project 2023
Cell in SHAPE and the GHOST in the Shell

22 positions out of art and literature
G.A.S-station, Cell in Shape and the Ghost in the Shell

With works by:

Amalia Foka, Anticipating 2020s (Experimental video) - Anna Brody, this is the only thing we've got (Experimental video) - Anna Martynenko, Freedom of the body (Photographie Digital Print) - Anna Maria Kursawe, Cluster (Painting) - Eleonore Weber, HERZ IST NIE AUSREICHEND EINE (Mixed media installation) - Edin Bajric´, Wurzel, Keim, Innereien (Painting) - Isolde Gorsboth, Das Spiel weiß nicht, was du tun wirst (Painting) - Josephine Riemann, Von schwerer Hand (Object) - Kornelia Hoffmann, LUCA (3 pages out of the seria since 2018, ongoing, grafic) - Carmen Alber und Lorena Pircher, How’s things? (Mixed media) - Marco Goldenstein, Das ist die Wahrheit (ongoing seria since 2013, DIN A4 pages lamineted) - Wolfgang Neipl, Muschel Denkt Anders, 2023 (Multimedia objects) - Xiayi Su, Great Snow First Pentad, cold sets in, winter begins, White Dew First Pentad, Dew glistens white on grass (Photography) - Yoonjee Geem, Ever Lucis 2021 (Perlmutt and other materials on canvas) - Elisa Asenbaum, zwischenzeitig irdisch (Mixed media installation) - Bettina Weiß, TVC15 (Oil and acrylic on canvas) - Mahmud Ismail, Mano Leyrado, Tyyne Claudia Pollmann, Yan Chmarau, Human Presets (Multimedia installation).

Elisabeth Mittag, In Effigie (Short prose) - Monika Vasik, Knochenblüten (Poem out of the book Knochenblüten, 2022, ELIF VERLAG) - Rainer Wieczorek, Kunstzelle (Drawings, 3 Pages out of the seria Kunstzellenbuch) - Ulrich Gorsboth, Digitale Fantasien in Erwartung des Unbekannten (Art history statement).

The cell is seen as a self-contained unit that communicates with the outside world; its complex structures, such as the human body or a state, are composed of it. Questions about demarcation and connectedness, specialisation and communication, as well as dependencies, spiral open like a peacock's wheel. The diversity and beauty of the forms of matter in nature and in artistic creation are wide.

On the other hand, the call is addressed to the body-mind discourse of philosophy, unresolved for years. The title of the project "Cell in Shape and the Ghost in the Shell" opens up body-centred aspects and in turn, it evokes themes around Artificial Intelligence and its social implications that are topical today. Views on body and mind/soul have an effect on each other, culturally in society as well as in dealing with matter and the environment.

Exhibition: Automn 2023

x|y|z:SPACEPROJECT for fine art und new media
G.A.S-station, xyz:RAUMPROJEKT - FLORIAN RAUTENBERG, Shadow Robot Information Lab, Installation
Florian Rautenberg - Shadow Robot Information Lab - Installation

Vernissage: Fr. 28.4.2023 4–8 pm and Sa. 29.4.2023 2–6 pm
Exhibition: 28th April – 16th Juni 2023
Opening hours: We–Fr 3–6 pm

The large room of the G.A.S-station is immersed in black and white. In the centre, there are objects as well as enigmatic apparatuses surrounded by a collection of sheets and shadowy drawings on the walls. The painted symbols on the paper sheets suggest sentences in a language whose letters are unfamiliar to us. This conceals the information that written language normally contains. Language forms the basis for a conscious confrontation with the complexity of our world.

G.A.S-station, xyz:RAUMPROJEKT - FLORIAN RAUTENBERG, Shadow Robot Information Lab, Installation
Florian Rautenberg - Shadow Robot Information Lab (Details)   
Im Schaufenster
G.A.S-station, Im Schaufenster - Florian Rautenberg - Shadow Robot Information Lab

daily: 10 am–8 pm at Schaufenster

Florian Rautenberg - Shadow Robot Information Lab

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