Due to the current circumstances in connection with the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus) and its consequences for all of us, no events can take place in the G.A.S-station in the moment.

We will probably only be able to present exhibitions inside again in May 2021, taking into account the valid contact restrictions and hygiene regulations. For individual visits, visit appointments can then also be pre-booked again via e-mail.

We want to stay in touch with you like this despite difficult circumstances, hope for healthier times and stay well.

Kind regards
Elisa & Thomas

The upcoming 10th international, interdisciplinary and topic centered exhibition project 2021.

ART is DeaD ∞
TANDEM - literature and visual arts in dialogue
and TANDEM - Science to listen to
positions out of art, literature and science

In Berlin we are currently in the so-called federal emergency brake by the new Infection Protection Act, which comes into force from an incidence value of over 100. However, since the situation is continuously improving and it is also becoming apparent that there will be exceptions especially for vaccinated, recovered and tested persons, therefore we have decided to move the opening of the exhibition to a later date in order to be able to invite vistors to the opening. Of course, the applicable hygiene regulations and contact restrictions will be observed. We also want to use digital means to make access to the exhibition safe and secure for everyone. For this purpose, we will use the QR code of the Corona Warn app (we will publish more information on this on an ongoing basis). Individual visits via e-mail can also be pre-booked again.

 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞
 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞ Fine Arts
ART is DeaD ∞
Positions out of VISUAL ART und NEW MEDIA

The 10th international, interdisciplinary and topic centered exhibition project 2021.

Ego und Alter, 2021, video installation by Ruben Susanne Bürgam | AUS LIEBE WEINEN, 2020/21, mixed media space installation by Stephanie Maier | Die Schirmfrau, 2021, literary mixed media space installation by Elisa Asenbaum and Thomas Ballhausen | Kritik der Urteilskraftmaschine, 2021, mixed media installation by Stephan Groß and Albert Markert | Relics of Disappearance, 2011, mixed media installation by Jerzy Olek | Sepaeration of Light & Darkness, 2020, paintings by Heikedine Günther | transmission over transmission/transpassion, 2021, literary collage by Marion Steinfellner and Herbert J. Wimmer.

Opening: 28.5.2021, 7 p.m.
Opening hours: Wed-Fri 2-5 p.m. first Saturday of the month 4-8 p.m.
Duration: 28.5. until December 2021.

In fall 2021, 10 selected contributions of the new format TANDEM - Literature and Visual Arts in Dialogue and Science to listen to will be added. They will be available on our Youtube channel and events are being planned as the situation allows. Presentations of selected Tandems and a science focus are planned. In addition, a publication in the form of an art newspaper with all literary and artistic works will appear in October 2021.

Anylands: Zoltán Lesi & Ricardo Portilho | Der wiederholte Mensch: Julius Kirchner & Ekaterina Skladmann | Lebendiges Doppel/Geschoben: Ulrich Gorsboth & Isolde Gorsboth | Kirschblüten und das Gesehene: Manuel Radons & Monica Burger | Kunst ist/Botschaft: Patricia Brooks | Kunst ist TOT. Ein Gassenröntgen: Stefanie Fridrik & Alexander Peskador & Gregor Schima | LUCIDA CONOLE con arte oder ohne: Natalie Deewan | Nach draußen/Mitteilungen aus dem toten Winkel: Elisabeth Mittag & Anne Ullrich | Tot ist kein Zustand: Ilse Kilic & Fritz Widhalm | Wie läßt man die Leiche verschwinden?/Am I There Yet?: Herbert Christian Stöger & Alina Staicu.

 G.A.S-station Berlin - 11 years anniversary catalogue
Catalogue 11 years of arT and impulsE at G.A.S-station Berlin

Hard cover, ring binder bonding, 149 pages with many most colored imgages, 26,5 x 21 cm, detailed textes to works and participants in german & partly engl., edition of 130 copies.
ISBN 978-3-948827-11-3

The anniversary catalogue documents not only the annual project +Between Freedom and Dictatorship | the wall, 2020 , it gives a review of the 13 years of exhibition time in the G.A.S-station Berlin as well as the 9 major projects and the integration of literary events and science. A compact summary of each project, ten artistic works were highlighted exemplary to the themes and documents the development.

The catalogue contains literary contributions around the literary focus 2020 and the overview about science contributions between 2008-2019 forms the conclusion.

SYSTEMRELEVANTER DRUCKER, 2021 - Katharina Schnitzler
SYSTEMRELEVANTER DRUCKER (system relevant printer), 2021
Katharina Schnitzler

Overpainted canvas and a printer, 100 x 170 cm

daily: 10 am - 8 pm at Schaufenster

The 9th international, interdisciplinary and topic centered exhibition project 2020 you may find now at our Archive pages.

11 years of arT and impulsE at G.A.S-station Berlin
+ Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall

+ Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall, G.A.S-station 2019/20

Artists and writers gave artistic form to this current topic on a wall in the large exhibition space.

+ Zwischen Freiheit und Diktatur | die Wand, G.A.S-station 2019/20

In 2007 we wrote down our ideals and goals in the form of intentions and published them on our website. Now, more than twelve years later, we wanted to give an overview of the 11 years of the exhibitions and its development. The publications of the works of over 350 art, literature and science contributors were presented on space-filling, large objects, whereby our publications were transformed into three-dimensional objects. All works were shown in this special presentation once again and we invited the contributors to participate in the project.

11er Objekt, + Zwischen Freiheit und Diktatur | die Wand, G.A.S-station 2019/20

All catalogues and broshures
you may find now on the new Publications page

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