The 10th international, interdisciplinary and topic centered exhibition project 2021

ART is DeaD ∞
TANDEM - literature and visual arts in dialogue
and TANDEM - Science to listen to
positions out of art, literature and science

The exhibition can now be visited without pre-registration and also without testing on the day.
Of course, the applicable hygiene regulations and contact restrictions will still be observed. We also want to use digital means to make it safe and possible for everyone to access the exhibition. We provide the QR code of the Corona Warn app and additionally lay out contact forms.

For individual visits, please pre-book appointments via e-mail.
We ask you to wear an FFP2 mask when entering the G.A.S. station.

A maximum of 6 people can be in the G.A.S-station at the same time.

 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞
 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞ Fine Arts
ART is DeaD ∞
Positions out of VISUAL ART und NEW MEDIA

The 10th international, interdisciplinary and topic centered exhibition project 2021.

Ego und Alter, 2021, video installation by Ruben Susanne Bürgam | AUS LIEBE WEINEN, 2020/21, mixed media space installation by Stephanie Maier | Die Schirmfrau, 2021, literary mixed media space installation by Elisa Asenbaum and Thomas Ballhausen | Kritik der Urteilskraftmaschine, 2021, mixed media installation by Stephan Groß and Albert Markert | Relics of Disappearance, 2011, mixed media installation by Jerzy Olek | Sepaeration of Light & Darkness, 2020, paintings by Heikedine Günther | transmission over transmission/transpassion, 2021, literary collage by Marion Steinfellner and Herbert J. Wimmer.

Opening: 28.5.2021, 7 p.m.
Opening hours: Wed-Fri 2-5 p.m. first Saturday of the month 4-8 p.m.
Duration: 28.5. until December 2021.

In fall 2021, 10 selected contributions of the new format TANDEM - Literature and Visual Arts in Dialogue and Science to listen to will be added. They will be available on our Youtube channel and events are being planned as the situation allows. Presentations of selected Tandems and a science focus are planned. In addition, a publication in the form of an art newspaper with all literary and artistic works will appear in October 2021.
 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞ TANDEM

Anylands: Zoltán Lesi & Ricardo Portilho | Der wiederholte Mensch: Julius Kirchner & Ekaterina Skladmann | Lebendiges Doppel/Geschoben: Ulrich Gorsboth & Isolde Gorsboth | Kirschblüten und das Gesehene: Manuel Radons & Monica Burger | Kunst ist/Botschaft: Patricia Brooks | Kunst ist TOT. Ein Gassenröntgen: Stefanie Fridrik & Alexander Peskador & Gregor Schima | LUCIDA CONSOLE con arte oder ohne: Natalie Deewan | Nach draußen/Mitteilungen aus dem toten Winkel: Elisabeth Mittag & Anne Ullrich | Tot ist kein Zustand: Ilse Kilic & Fritz Widhalm | Wie läßt man die Leiche verschwinden?/Am I There Yet?: Herbert Christian Stöger & Alina Staicu.

Opening: October 2021

Positions out of VISUAL ART und NEW MEDIA
 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞ Herbert J. Wimmer & Marion Steinfellner
transmission over transmission/transpassion, 2021
Herbert J. Wimmer & Marion Steinfellner

literary collage, photography, paper, water paint, pastel chalk,
transparent foil, text, 50 x 130 cm

 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞ Ruben Susanne Bürgam
Ego und Alter, 2021
Ruben Susanne Bürgam

Video installation, HD 16:9 / Loop 20 min.

 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞ Albert Markert & Stephan Groß
Kritik der Urteilskraftmaschine, 2021
Albert Markert & Stephan Groß

two part mixed media installation,
art-plane, 150 x 150 cm, 2 photos, digtial print, 20 x 30 cm
'landscape photo', digital print, 30 x 40 cm,
mp3 audio, 5:00 min.

 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞ Jerzy Olek
Relics of Disappearance, 2011
Jerzy Olek

mixed media installation, 20 photo prints on Kapa á 11 x 22 cm
Object: glass, photo negative, 18 cm

 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞ Stephanie Maier
Stephanie Maier

mixed media room installation, video, HD 16:9, Loop 13:58 min, drawings,
ink and pancil, each 50 x 50cm, 3 sculptures, ceramics, text sheets,
text and song: Louis Platzer.

 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞ Heikedine Günther
Seperation of Light & Darkness, 2020
Heikedine Günther

painting, oil on canvas, Core No. 437, 209 x 99 cm and
Core No. 438, 99 x 209 cm.

 G.A.S-station Berlin - ART is DeaD ∞ Elisa Asenbaum & Thomas Ballhausen
Die Schirmfrau, 2021
Elisa Asenbaum & Thomas Ballhausen

mixed media room installation. object/concept: Elisa Asenbaum, metal, wood, cords, glass beads, cloth, 120cm Ø x 225 cm, music stands, text sheets.
Text: Wir buhlen um die Gunst der Schirmfrau: Ballhausen & Asenbaum
Audio: loop 13:55 min, voice: E.A.,
Sound editing: T.M. Stuck.

als ob (as if) - Christiane Spatt
als ob (as if), 2020/21
Christiane Spatt
3 photos laminated on Kapa, each 40 x 60 cm

Based on the biological phenomenon of the emergency bloom, the photo installation "als ob / as if" deals with the strategy of overcompensation as a reaction to a threat, the attempt to compensate for a lack through exaggeration and oppulence.

daily: 10 am - 8 pm at Schaufenster

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