The 9th international, interdisciplinary and topic centered exhibition project 2020

11 years of arT and impulsE at G.A.S-station Berlin
+ Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall

+ Between freedom and dictatorship | the wall, G.A.S-station 2019/20

Artists and writers give artistic form to this current topic on a wall in the large exhibition space.

Due to the current difficult situation we had to make some changes to the current project and the planned program, but we are very happy to announce the next exhibition. Openings and events can only take place under special circumstances.

To make sure that the visit is safe and as pleasant as possible for everyone, we ask you to observe the current hygiene regulations and contact restrictions: When entering the exhibition rooms, please wear a nose and mouth protection and keep at least 1.5 m distance to other visitors who do not live in the same household. A maximum of 6 persons can be in our exhibition rooms at the same time, so that the minimum distance can be maintained.

Individual visits can also be pre-booked in addition to the opening hours of the exhibition. Just send us a short e-mail for advance reservation.

We wish you all the best, stay healthy and look forward to an active visit to the exhibition.

Kind regards
Elisa & Thomas

Upcoming Exhibition:

Gisela Weimann
Die Wand / Zwischen künstlerischer Freiheit und der Diktatur des Geldes, 2020
Photos, Texts Objects, Videos / Wall painting

Start/opening: Friday 7th August 2020, 6 p.m.
Exhibition: 7.-28.8.2020
Opening hours: Wed/Thu/Fri 2-6 p.m.

Stephanie Hanna zu Thun und Lassen Gegenwartsverstopfung: Das Plastik starrt zurück

Stephanie Hanna zu Thun und Lassen Gegenwartsverstopfung: Das Plastik starrt zurück

Stephanie Hanna zu Thun und Lassen Gegenwartsverstopfung: Das Plastik starrt zurück
Gegenwartsverstopfung: Das Plastik starrt zurück, Stephanie Hanna zu Thun und Lassen

Stephanie Hanna zu Thun und Lassen
Gegenwartsverstopfung: Das Plastik starrt zurück, 2020

Installation 500 x 290 cm, approx. 70 boxes each 30 x 40 x 12 cm
Assemblages, packaging materials plastic waste, various adhesives.

Start/opening: Fr. 5th June 2020, 6 p.m.
Exhibition: 5. - 27.6.2020
Opening hours: Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 2-6 p.m.

Stephanie Hanna zu Thun und Lassen works deal with the social environment and naturalized habits of our consumer society and its power relations.

In the installation Gegenwartsverstopfung: Das Plastik starrt zurück on the theme of freedom and dictatorship I the wall she fills the wall with multi-functional boxes, which are used for example at the weekly market for mushrooms, and transforms them into showcases of about 70 assemblages. In some cases, traces of the labels can still be found; various packaging materials, found objects, pieces of plastic, small plastic objects are transformed into shapes, figures that stare at you as if they were alive with eyes. Therefore also the chosen title: Present constipation: The plastic stares back (Gegenwartsverstopfung: Das Plastik starrt zurück).

Oliver Orthuber, King Oxxo’s Diktatur

Oliver Orthuber, King Oxxo’s Diktatur

Oliver Orthuber, King Oxxo’s Diktatur
King Oxxo´s Diktatur, Oliver Orthuber

Oliver Orthuber
King Oxxo’s Diktatur, 2020
Installation, 264 overpainted sheets (29.7 x 21 cm)
Paper, Acrylic, Video, Sound

Vernissage: 29.2.2020, 7 p.m., Performance
Exhibition: 5.-13.3.2020
Opening hours: Thu. 4-7 pm, Fr. 4-8 pm, Sa. 5-10 pm

For the King Oxxo series cycle, he used Page magazine, which is considered an expert magazine for design code and business, as source material. It forms the background of his overpaintings, so to speak, and is remixed and transformed into other content by Orthuber’s editing.

In principle, everything that has the power to determine something (person, community, thing or law, etc.) can be seen as a form of dictation. Oliver Orthuber humorously takes up this tightrope walk, which includes the topic of the call for entries, and subjects the journal material to a shrill transformation process. The ‚expert tips for design code and business‘, which are subject to the power of fashion, the market and money, are brought under the rule of King Oxxo.

On the opening day of the installation, a copy-sampled remix of the room-in-room installation with sound is projected onto the wall paved with messages, which fully corresponds to the formal and temporal dictation of the artist.

Harald Köhneke, Grosse Versprechungen, 2019,

Harald Köhneke, Grosse Versprechungen, 2019,

Harald Köhneke, Grosse Versprechungen, 2019,
Grosse Versprechungen, Harald Köhneke

Harald Köhneke
Grosse Versprechungen (Great Promises), 2020
Installation, 300 x 55 x 55 cm
Wood, Wrapping Paper, Rope

Vernissage: Sa. 25.1.2020, 7 p.m.
Exhibition: 30.1.-7.2.2020
Opening hours: Thu. 4-7 pm, Fr. 4-8 pm, Sa. 5-10 pm

Harald Köhneke's work consists of two large cubes that protrude from the wall into the room. The wooden containers are wrapped in paper, like gifts, and each has a bow. Köhneke chose plain brown paper for the wrapping of the cubes and a blue rope as material for the decorative ribbon. From the outside the packages are hardly distinguishable from each other, yet the artist evokes the association that one of the packages symbolizes freedom and the other dictatorship. His works are usually large-format and are reminiscent of familiar or semantically coded objects, which, through small interventions, stimulate reflection.

The puristic formal implementation, including the title of the work Grosse Versprechungen (Great Promises), allows for a wide range of interpretations embedded in the theme Between Freedom and Dictatorship.

Ralf Tekaat, Panikraum, 2019,

Ralf Tekaat, Panikraum, 2019,

Ralf Tekaat, Panikraum, 2019
Panikraum (Detail), Ralf Tekaat

Ralf Tekaat
Panikraum, 2019.
Installation, 500 x 290 cm
pencil, coloured pencil on paper, different types of paper formats

Vernissage: Sa. 07.12.2019, 7 pm
Exhibition: 12.-20.12.2019
Opening hours: Thu. 4-7 pm, Fr. 4-8 pm, Sa. 5-10 pm

For some years now, objects have been appearing in Ralf Tekaat's drawings that oscillate between flying objects, surveillance cameras, bunkers and weapons systems. Often it is not clear which objects are represented. These are hybrid mixtures that address various fields of association, thus giving the viewer a certain scope for interpretation.

The title of the second wall design of the cycle + Between Freedom and Dictatorship I the Wall is Panikraum.

Ralf Tekaat borrowed the term from the American word 'panic room', which designates a shelter. It can be located inside an apartment or in an office complex. When threatened it serves as a secure retreat, out from reach from outside. Some of his drawings can be interpreted as retreats or bunkers. At the same time, however, they are also reminiscent of temporary buildings known from refugee collection centres. The transition from (military) shelter to prison is fluid. The border fences of this world have inspired other drawings.

The artist places the intended reference in the title of his series of drawings. The meaning of the word 'Panikraum' remains unclear, however, as to whether the panic room protects against panic or causes panic. The more one deals with fear scenarios, the greater the fear becomes in everyday life.

The wall installation Panikraum points to the tipping point between inclusion and exclusion, regarding protection, control and dictation and attack.

Wolfgang Neipl There Is A Wall Between Us, 2019

Wolfgang Neipl There Is A Wall Between Us, 2019
Videostills, There´s A Wall Between Us, Wolfgang Neipl

Wolfgang Neipl
There Is A Wall Between Us, 2019
Video installation, beamer projection, 15 min loop
Synthetic, photorealistic video animation

Opening hours: Thu. 4-7 pm, Fr. 4-8 pm, Sa. 5-12 pm

Escape as a last resort from poverty or terror in one's own country causes people to take a life-threatening path across the water. The great "freedom" before their eyes they follow their hopes and desires. But the places of this supposed freedom remain closed, because the administrators of the places fear for their privileged prosperity and do not want to share it with others.

The first wall of the cycle + Between Freedom and Dictatorship | the Wall deals with this topic.
With the video installation There Is A Wall Between Us, the artist Wolfgang Neipl takes an artistic stand on the subject.

Wolfgang Neipl There Is A Wall Between Us, 2019

"The fact of the dramatic refugee situation demands a socio-political point of view from my artistic work. In my work, the wall between freedom and dictatorship is the water of the raging sea. Floating on it, a carpet of letters forms the word "freedom". In a metamorphosis, this lettering gradually changes into its apparent counterpart, the "dictatorship". One always leads back to the other and there is no way out in this model".

The artist symbolizes the dreams of the shipwrecked as flotsam, which is distributed to present guest´s.

Wolfgang Neipl There Is A Wall Between Us, 2019

Donation link for the refugee camp Moria on Lesbos

11 years of arT and impulsE at G.A.S-station Berlin

Opening 12th October 2019, 7 p.m.
Die Projektlinie zwischen Zwicki und Zwacki / introduction by the initiators Elisa Asenbaum und Thomas Maximilian Stuck. Performance.

Exhibition: 15th October 2019 until 9th October 2020

+ Zwischen Freiheit und Diktatur | die Wand, G.A.S-station 2019/20

In 2007 we wrote down our ideals and goals in the form of intentions and published them on our website. Now, twelve years later, we want to give an overview of the 11 years of the exhibition and its development. The publications of the works of over 350 art, literature and science contributors will be presented on space-filling, large objects, whereby our publications will be transformed into three-dimensional objects. All works will be shown in this special presentation once again and we invite the contributors to participate in the project (wall cycle and events) and to celebrate with us!

11er Objekt, + Zwischen Freiheit und Diktatur | die Wand, G.A.S-station 2019/20

11er Objekt, + Zwischen Freiheit und Diktatur | die Wand, G.A.S-station 2019/20

11er Objekt, + Zwischen Freiheit und Diktatur | die Wand, G.A.S-station 2019/20
Object (400x200x150 cm), Folding carton (120x74 cm) with pages from Catalogues

11er Objekt, + Zwischen Freiheit und Diktatur | die Wand, G.A.S-station 2019/20
Folding carton mounted on wall in preparation for the literature

On the opening, we will present all the contributions of the fine arts from previous years on a three-dimensional object, as well as all the catalogues of our exhibitions will be available for browsing. In the course of the exhibition further objects will be built and shown to the individual emphasis (video, literature and science).

11er Objekt, + Zwischen Freiheit und Diktatur | die Wand, G.A.S-station 2019/20
Artist catalogues in the basement

We want to stimulate a discussion about the antipodes freedom and dictatorship also in the transferred sense. This does not only mean the political aspects and nuances between freedom and dictatorially approach as well as the scope for action in democratic systems which is underlying the free market economy, but also a reflection on one's own wishes for diction and the adaptation of habits of thoughts and procedures, especially in artistic creation, to the given social and cultural conditions.

Upcoming exhibitions:

Gisela Weimann - Fr. 7.-28.8.2020
Albert Markert - Sa. 26.9.-17.10.2020

Programme of events with focus on literature (readings, performances), film (video days, film rolls), science (lectures, video documentaries), music (installations, performances), guided tours and discussions.

focus LITERATURE postponed to October 2020
9th - 23rd October 2020

Fr. 9th October 2020 7 pm Opening focus LITERATURE
with poems from “Writers in Prison” on the wall / P.E.N. Austria

Fensterdichtung, a poetic installation by Astrid Nischkauer
Künst, a wall installation by Albert Markert.

The Austrian P.E.N.-Club at G.A.S-station
7 pm Presentation of the activities and information about "Writers in Prison" and the committee "Literatur without borders" by Dr. A. Helmuth Niederle, President of the Austrian P.E.N. Club
Followed by a reading by P.E,N. writers: Susanne Dobesch-Giese, Helmuth Niederle and Kurt F. Svatek.

Sat. 10th October 2020 Poetry, Performance, Videodocumentation
7 pm Poetry / Reading and short performance
Mariola Grzyb, Norbert Lange, Georg Leß, Astrid Nischkauer,
Elisa Asenbaum.

8:30 pm DER AUSGESCHLOSSENE DRITTE by Elisa Asenbaum
Video of the literary performance with Matthias Neukirch on the International Day of Nonviolence 2019 by PEN at the Presseclub Concordia Vienna.

focus SCIENCE postponed to November 2020

5. November 2020 Opening focus SCIENCE
5 pm Guided tour of the scientific contributions
with Elisa Asenbaum and Harald Hofer

Video lecture by Franz Embacher (UniVie)/german

8 pm Revisting Evolution in the 21th century
Video lecture by James A. Shapiro (UChicago)

6. November 2020
6 pm How do the laws of nature "emerge" and are they fixed?
Development history of scientific laws
Lecture with guided tour by Harald Hofer

7:30 pm Image, mirror image and optical illusions
Lecture by Prof. Dr. Heiko Hecht (JGUMainz)/germanBild, Spiegelbild und optische Täuschungen

7. November 2020
2:30 pm More is different: reductionism and emergence
Lecture by Núria Munoz Garganté (MPIWG-Berlin)

3:50 pm Determinism and indeterminism in physics: can we be free?
Lecture by Flavio Del Santo (IQOQI-Wien)

5:05 pm Interactive games on the topics stimulated by the previous talks.
Moderated by Chiara Cardelli (IQOQI-Vienna)
18:00 Informal discussion with drinks

7:30 pm What exactly is time?
Lecture by Dr. Axel Kleinschmidt (Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics Potsdam/Albert-Einstein-Institute)/german

focus VIDEO postponed to November 2020

28. November 2020 Opening focus VIDEO
7 pm Matthias Fitz / a beautiful thing

8:30 pm Film selection from the 11 years
presented by the Initiators
E. Asenbaum and T. M. Stuck of G.A.S-station

Further more information is coming continuousely.

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