Tue, 15.11.2016, 7 p.m.
G.A.S-station at:

MUSA Museum Startgalerie Artothek
Felderstraße 6-8, A-1010 Wien

Within of Eyes On - LOOKING FOR THE CLOUDS. CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY IN TIMES OF CONFLICT we will present the exhibition project Augustina träumt and also book presentation AUGUSTINAselbst, Passagen Verlag.

Augustina träumt in progressius Vorstellung

Elisa Asenbaum and Thomas Maximilian Stuck present the exhibition project
Augustina träumt - in progressius with 27 positions out of art and science in context to literary text.

Thomas Bedürftig (mathematics - philosophy) | Martin Carrier (philosophy - physics) | Markus Pössel in cooperation of Albert-Einstein-Institut and House of astronomy (physics) | Brigitte Holzinger (psychology) | Jean-Luc Lehners (cosmology - lecture) | Herbert Pietschmann (science history - physics) | Yvette Sánchez (science - lecture) | James A. Shapiro (biology - video lecture)

Helen Acosta Iglesias (visual arts) | Isabella Gresser (video) | Thomas Grill (performance) | Stephan Groß (video) | Susanne Hampe (installation) | Maria Hanl (installation) | Kornelia Hoffmann (room Installation) | Ulli Klepalski (painting) | Anna-Maria Kursawe (installation) | Pantea Lachin (new media) | Calla Mar (photo ensemble) | Albert Markert (installation) | Wolfgang Neipl (new media) | Oliver Orthuber (installation) | Whathappensnext-Ensemble Berlin: Reinhard Gagel, Hartmut Arweiler, Gudrun Doberenz, Rosmarie Jäger, Esther von der Osten, Max Stehle, Conny Voss, Babette Werth (music-performance) | Stefan Riebel (photo documentation) | Anja Sonnenburg (installation) | Christiane Spatt (installation) | Burchard Vossmann (visual arts)

AUGUSTINAselbst Illustration Anmerkungen

Book presentation AUGUSTINAselbst. The actor Wolfgang Grossmann will read excerpts from comical fiction by Elisa Asenbaum, who captures readers with surprising turns, breaks in style and stupefying links between different contents and storylines.

AUGUSTINAselbst, Passagen Verlag Vienna, 2016, 372 Papes, ISBN 9783709202210
AUGUSTINAselbst introduction

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Augustina träumt

AUGUSTINAselbst, Augustina träumt MUSA 2016
AUGUSTINAselbst, Augustina träumt MUSA 2016
AUGUSTINAselbst, Augustina träumt MUSA 2016
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