The chaos is always and everywhere

The Cloud Project, Interactive Installation
February 3rd - 19th 2010

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The focus of the projects is the juxtaposition of various medial and formal approaches. Therefore, scientific contributions as well as artistic contributions of all sorts are shown - filmlets, installations, plastic & fine arts, performances, literature and music presentations concerning the subject.

Alpago Alpago (Literature), Elisa Asenbaum und Tomax (Video, Foto), Ruben Aubrecht (Foto), Franco Berardi (Science), Reinhold A. Bertlmann und Tanja Traxler (Science), Nina Dick (Lecture), Franz Embacher (Science), Clint Enns (Video), Dominic Gagnon (Video), Matthias Geitel (Fine Art), Hans-Jürgen Grimm (Fine Art), Florian Grond (Videoinstallation), Yikui (Coy) Gu (Fine Art), Stephanie Hanna (Fine Art), Harald Hofer (Science), Jochen Höller (Fine Art), Batya Horn, Christian Baier - Edition Splitter (Literature), Jang Young Jung (Video), Team K.U.SCH. (Renate Krätschmer, Jörg Schwarzenberger, Sito Schwarzenberger) (Installation), Karl W. Kratky (Science), Yvonne Lacet (Foto), Ruggero Maggi (Video), Martin Motycka (Fine Art), Chris Nau (Fine Art), Wolfgang Neipl (Video), Otto Neumaier (Science), Erin Newell (Fine Art), Herwig Peterlik (Science), Günter Puller (Video), Gernot Riether (Installation), Andrew Johann Salgado (Video), Nina Samuel (Lecture), Käthe Schönle (Fine Art), Vadim Schäffler und Sebastian Reuter (Video, Music), Klaus Taschler (Video, Installation), Ralf Tekaat (Installation), Mirko Tzotschew (Video), Barbara Ueber (Video, Performance), Frans van Lent (Video), Lorelinde L.J.M. Verhees (Foto), Bernhard Weingartner und Stefan Rotter (Science).

October 8th 2009 - Januar 27th 2010

CHAOSextended: Feruary 3rd - 19th 2010 - Gernot Riether, The Cloud Project, Interactive Installation
Thank´s to: College of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology for the help to realiize the Cloud Project.

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Gernot Riether - The CLOUD Project
Gernot Riether - The CLOUD Project
The CLOUD Project, 2010, interactive installation
Gernot Riether
Florian Grond
hear and now, 2007, generative audio-visual installation
Florian Grond
Clint Enns
The Death of Natural Language, 2007, video, 2´54 min
Clint Enns
Yvonne Lacet
Playground, 2009, photography, C-print, 94 x 120 cm
Yvonne Lacet
rollover Detail, Jochen Höller X
Liebesroman II, 2009, paper-collage, 80 x 100 cm
Jochen Höller
Yikui (Coy) Gu The Longest Purple Line I Have Ever Drawn, 2009, pen on paper, 45 x 60 cm
Yikui (Coy) Gu
rollover Detail, Käthe Schönle Insects & Offspring, 2009, installation, mixed media in showcase, 85 x 60 x 6 cm
Käthe Schönle
Erin Newell Let Fall, 2009, printmaking sculpture, 26 x 50 cm
Erin Newell
Ralf Tekaat Aus : Auf der Suche nach Thomas R. Pynchon, 2002-2004, installation
Ralf Tekaat
Lorelinde L.J.M. Verhees Tree Hugs, 2008, photography, C-print on aluminium, 45 x 30 cm
Lorelinde L.J.M. Verhees
Chris Nau X
Abel and Remus Resting in Peace as their Big Brothers Command iSky to Unleash Operation Sudden Freedom, 2007, oil on panel with acrylic on wood inlay, 120 cm x 102 cm
Chris Nau
Stephanie Hanna Komplott-Set aus der Serie “Zen oder die Kunst des Einkaufens“, 2009, fotoobjects, 13 x 18 cm
Stephanie Hanna
Herwig Peterlik Microscopicpictures, 2005
Herwig Peterlik
Karl W. Kratky Blickwinkel und Weltbilder nach dem Buch: Komplementäre Medizinsysteme. Vergleich und Integration
Karl W. Kratky
Bernhard Weingartner, Stefan Rotter Narben im Quantenchaos, 2005, eps-files
Bernhard Weingartner, Stefan Rotter
Harald Hofer Spezies auf dem Weg ins Chaos, 2009, interactive simulation/javaprogramming
Harald Hofer
Reinhold A. Bertlmann, Tanja Traxler Decoherence and the transition from quantum to classical physics, 2009, poster
Reinhold A. Bertlmann, Tanja Traxler
Elfriede Gerstl, Herbert J. Wimmer, Edition Splitter Aus: Elfriede Gerstl: Kleiderflug oder lost clothes. Schreiben-Sammeln-Lebensräume. Edition Splitter Wien, 2007. Herbert J. Wimmer: Alfabet des Wohnens, Fotoserie
Günter Brus Edition Splitter Günter Brus, Weltanschauung 2007
Aus: Batya Horn & Christian Baier (Hrsg.): Pedanten und Chaoten [Eine Anthologie]
Edition Splitter Wien, 2008
Edition Splitter Pedanten und Chaoten [Eine Anthologie]
Edition Splitter, Wien
Günter Brus Edition Splitter Günter Brus, Weltanschauung 2007
Aus: Batya Horn & Christian Baier (Hrsg.): Pedanten und Chaoten [Eine Anthologie]
Edition Splitter Wien, 2008
Alpago Alpago Lawinen, Vulkane, Wasser
Alpago Alpago
edition nove, 2009
Wolfgang Neipl Study #1, 2009, abstract video, 2’33 min
Wolfgang Neipl
Ruggero Maggi Step by step, 2004, video, 12´51 min
Ruggero Maggi
Frans van Lent Spin, 2007, video, 3’48 min
Frans van Lent
Günter Puller
Yellow Pages, 2006, video, 2 min
Günter Puller
Andrew Salgado
The Dance, 2009, video, 4´20 min
Andrew Salgado
Vadim Schäffler
Kugelstaat, 2007, video, 3D-animation, 3’41 min
Vadim Schäffler,
Music: Sebastian Reuter
Tagesschu, 2009, video, 9´55 min

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Videos were daily shown during open hours.

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