G.A.S-station, OpenProzessTag 25.4.2015
Augustina träumt - in progressius
OpenProcessDay, 25th April 2015
4-7 p.m. with artists
from 7 p.m. visitors are welcome

The 7th international and topic centered exhibition project of G.A.S-station
Augustina träumt - in progressius 2014-16
Positiones out of art and science
Exhibition: 9th October 2015 – 5th February 2016

Artist were present at OpenProzessDay:
Reinhard Gagel, Isabella Gresser, Stephan Gross, Anna Maria Kursawe, Susanne Hampe, Kornelia Hoffmann, Ulli Klepalski, Pantea Lachin, Calla Mar, Albert Markert, Wolfgang Neipl, Olli Orthuber, Anja Sonnenburg, Christiane Spatt, Burchard Vossmann.

Augustina träumt - in progressius
Positiones out of art and science

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