x|y|z:SPACEPROJECT (for Augustina) for fine art und new media

xyz:RAUMPROJEKT Oliver Orthuber, Ausgespeites aus der anderen Welt?

Ausgespeites aus der anderen Welt? / Spouts from another world?
Oliver Orthuber
Exhibition: 6.-27.5.2016
Opening hours: Tue-Fr 2-6 p.m.

Besides the annually international and topic centered exhibition serial of GAS-station the project x|y|z:SPACEPROJECT is an experimental format. Artists create specific installations for the large exhibition room. This year artists are inspired by text fragments out of the book AUGUSTINAselbst (Elisa Asenbaum, Passagen Verlag, 2016).

If you are in the space installation of Oliver Orthuber, you feel like in another world, like as you would walk through a dreamland scenery. You can enjoy to step into installation, walk through it, being part oft it. The whole ground floor is filled up with fragile fluffy paper and cardboard, shining red, like a bloody red carpet. Strange things in blue are spread out or lay out in clusters.

Spouts from another world? The artist is inspired by scenes out of AUGUSTINAselbst, in this story pattern of thinking and things from our reality invade the dream world of the protagonist. Augustina is confronted also in her dreams (her refugium) with "our reality" and our actual set of problems.

xyz:RAUMPROJEKT Oliver Orthuber, Ausgespeites aus der anderen Welt?

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