x|y|z: Spaceprojects 2017 for fine art und new media.

Besides the topic centered exhibitiont projects we invite artists for installations in the large exhibition room.

xyz: Spaceproject 2017, Ulli Klepalski - IF ONLY
Ulli Klepalski

Vernissage: 9th June 2017, 7 p.m. - Performance 8 p.m.
Exhibition: 10th June - 20th July 2017

Wrapping paper, comb cardboard, printed paper A4, oil on canvas, mixed media, insulation felt, wood, mixed colours and pencils, glue, scraps of paper ...

Ulli Klepalski calls her space intervention a project of desire, because the project deals with fantasies, desires, dreams and longings for paradise. Inherent connected with this longing is its failure, - the hard collision with the so called reality -, but also it spends new fuel for even more desire and the wish to escape in a more affectionate world, combined with the sweetness of addiction. Ulli Klepalski is inspired by a variety of literary resources. You may understand the work as well as a transposed quotation collage, diametrical voices have been driving Ulli Klepalski into her project IF ONLY.

Some papers lying on the floor show a 'poem' by Franz Kafka.

With a performance during the vernissage evening the artist will celebrate the opening of her space intervention.

xyz: Raumprojekt 2017, Ulli Klepalski - IF ONLY
xyz: Raumprojekt 2017, Ulli Klepalski - IF ONLY
xyz: Raumprojekt 2017, Ulli Klepalski - IF ONLY

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